Erinys is always on the lookout for people who can bring something new to the company. They offer security services in all parts of the world and thus they need employees that can represent them wherever the client resides.

Not every employee has to be like Tim Reilly (more about him later). The agency needs people who can manage their branches as well as guards that can work for those departments.

best employeesAs you probably know Erinys mostly works with governments and offers their services to them. This means that all employees that come under the umbrella of the company have to be professionals that have no problems with the law.

Tim Reilly – Greatest addition to the Erinys rooster

The April 2006 was an essential date for Erinys as they acquired one of the best employees they could. If you are interested in why Tim Reilly was that important, then keep on reading.

Tim is responsible for the evolution of the 21st Century strategy and business development of the energy risk management within the Erinys. He was a part of the British army before he entered the security business. This was followed by work with Exxon, Shell and JKX Oil & Gas where he was mostly involved in the ME and CIS. Tim’s last work for Shell was as regional government affairs advisor for the Caspian before.

gf1-security-services-training-brampton-toronto-s2-1He has formal training in international relations where he specializes in oil and gas geopolitics. He is excellent at strategy formulations, and he usually works at the NBD stage of development. His last appointment before joining Erinys was MD, Energy & Power, which is a leading global risk management company. He is fluent in the Russian language. He developed his skills through education at Cambridge, Durham and the Moscow State Institute of International Relations.

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