The Iraqi Reconstruction Management Office (IRMO) estimated that their government loses over Eight million US dollars’ worth of oil per day due to constant sabotages in their northern oil fields and gas pipelines. After the war, various initiatives were undertaken to rebuild and repair the whole oil infrastructure as well as to secure sites that were strategically significant which includes a specific section of the pipeline system.

The most important move was the contract that allowed Erinys to create the OPF aka Oil Protection Force.

Erinys and how they protected the oil

The first mission of the Erinys was to assess the situation and find out what needs to be done to protect the oil. The most significant hurdle they had was the existing security, which was practically non-existent. They had to create a system of management that would ensure that they have as perfect conditions for work as it was possible.

1200px-US_Navy_030402-N-5362A-004_U.S._Army_Sgt._Mark_Phiffer_stands_guard_duty_near_a_burning_oil_well_in_the_Rumaylah_Oil_Fields_in_Southern_IraqAnd they did it. It took them a year and a half to mobilize over 15000 Iraqis, train and equip them for the protection of the oil. They managed to achieve this even though the security environment in the country was continually deteriorating.

The story of the Erinys and their quest

The OPF brochure tells the story of how Erinys achieved what it did, in many cases against the odds. It also examines some of the significant operational, political and contractual factors which shaped the force. It also introduces the reader to an eclectic mix of people who worked as an efficient team in an extraordinary time and place in history.

It shows how t through sheer single-minded determination can create something that made a big difference for the better. This brochure is worth reading even if you aren’t interested in security on this level. It isn’t just a brochure about safety as it touches on many aspects that affected the work of the OPF.

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