We live in a time when technological become a reality in a matter of years. What was once just a dream is now a reality, and that is an excellent example of the fast-paced development of technologies. But technology can’t create progress if there aren’t any practical applications for the same. But that isn’t the case in the time we live in, and thus all industries are progressing at an unbelievable pace.

The security industry has been in turmoil for the last decade due to many new inventions that force companies to train their workers every few months.  But this is excellent for the private sector as those designs make it easy to protect your property.

Inventions that are changing home security

Smart door locks that work through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are the best thing that came out of home security tech development. This eliminates the need for carrying keys, and it increases the overall security of your home. Doors that are outfitted with this tech can recognize you through your Bluetooth device (or a mobile phone if you choose) and unlock the door for you. Additional settings allow you to increase the level of security and prevent others from using your devices to enter your property.

curataFingerprint scanners were fantasy just thirty years ago, and they were restricted to police and other governmental institutions only a decade ago. But right now this technology is making its way into the everyday life of ordinary people. This tech has been a part of the mobile phone industry for two years and is becoming a standard in the door manufacturing business as well. Right now you can buy doors that have a fingerprint scanner, and they will unlock only for those to whom you gave clearance.

cropped-information-technology-pagecropped-information-technology-pageComplete automation of the home systems isn’t a fantasy anymore. Several companies are offering this service to anyone with a smartphone and enough money to afford it. This means that you can monitor all electrical aspects of your home even if you are far away from it. Install a camera or two and connect it to the system and you won’t get robbed as you will be able to notify police much faster than before.

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