The year 2017 is about to end, and that means that all companies are doing two things. First of all, they are reflecting on the results that were achieved during the year. The second thing they are doing is looking at predictions of the future. To be more precise they are looking for clues on what will happen in their industry for the next year.

2018 will be full of turmoil when it comes to cybersecurity. The advancement of the tech allows hackers to invade the privacy of individuals and enterprises alike. This is why it’s essential for security agencies to advance their abilities to protect data.

What can improve cybersecurity in 2018?

Machine learning is a somewhat new concept which lets the machine improve through learning from past mistakes.  This needs to happen within the realm of cyber protection. Software for data protection needs to learn how to recognize potential risks and patch the holes in defense parameter. It also has to be able to stop a hacker mid-attack and prevent data loss.

The massive education of the internet users is also something that needs to happen. Several parties are already working on this, but it has to spread. Internet users should learn about dangers as well as options they have when they face one. The lack of knowledge about virtual threats makes the users unable to react. They have to learn how to respond to threats even if it might be boring (which many of the internet users think).ecfa5d672a4eaa08c70c7176d26af622


The change from protection to prevention is something many people talk about. We have to create software that will prevent cyber-attacks rather than keep on improving software that reacts to attacks. This change has already started, but it needs approval from security agencies that are still reluctant to change their approach.

The further development of WORM aka write-once-read-many technologies is a must. This tech offers superior data protection as it allows users to work with stored info without the need to transfer it out of the protected parameter. The best form of the WORM is the Cloud workshop that allows users to work without using any external help and without having to move files from the server.

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