New generations inherit everything from those that are there before them. That everything includes the state of the internet, which isn’t something that previous generations can brag about. But not everything is as bad as it seems.

Young people that are entering adulthood grew up in the digital age the future of the world rests on them.

They know more about internet security as they grew up with it. But they also encounter obstacles that previous generations didn’t have at that represents a problem on its own.

How young people see cyber security

You might not know it, but less than 8 percent of all workers in the internet security field are under thirty years. This shows that young adults aren’t interested in this industry. This presents a significant obstacle to the further development of the cyber security as there aren’t any fresh ideas coming from people who see internet a bit differently than the old crew. There isn’t just one reason behind the lack of interest and many people argue over what causes it. No one knows whether it is the lack of future (as youngsters see it) or beliefs that aren’t touching on the safety of digital data.

cyber-security-attack-safeguards-2017Personal perspective is something that reflects what millennials are. There is a need to find new ways to protect things of value, but that demand doesn’t drive them to create things that would benefit larger masses. This means that young adults aren’t willing to work for the benefit of many. Their focus lies on them, and everything else isn’t their problem.

How Millennials react to the current state of cyber security?

One excellent thing that came with young adults is the Cloud technology. They rely on Cloud more than on any other form of security. This is a good thing as long as they are working toward the improvement of the tech.

MCS_Landing_Cabecera2They are also aware of the importance of account management and complex password designs. They create complicated passwords that are nearly impossible to crack. Adding several layers of protection to every account is also a thing they prefer.

One big problem with millennials is that they have a blind trust in external organizations. They are willing to put their valuables in the hands of well-known brands and focus on other things. This makes them blind regarding the ability of those organizations to protect their data.

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