The growth of the security capabilities is steady in the last several years. Same can be said for the increase of disruptive innovations that create new obstacles on the path of data security. The latest results of a survey that tackles the state and the future of corporate data security show us that the majority of big companies aren’t ready to combat security threats.

isityou_bannerThe survey was the subject of a meeting that is held on annual basis. Cyber security leaders have discussed the current state of the data protection, the changes that happened in the 2017 and they discussed the future of data security. The conclusion they got from the survey was somewhat concerning, and this post will explain why.

Obstacles on the path toward safer future

The meeting that was mentioned above resulted in a list of barriers that prevent better data protection. One of the most significant obstacles is the refusal to change. Many corporations are refusing to change the way they protect their data because the current way they do it works. Protection of the data will always contain holes that hackers will use to either steal data. Prevention is the key, and everyone must understand that before it’s too late.

big data securityNo hacker is stupid and each of them is capable of developing new ways to slip through defenses set by the companies. The primary issue that security agencies face is that the development of the disruptive innovations is slowly outpacing the growth of defenses. It’s evident that the change of the approach to security is necessary for an adequate defense in the future.

Security agencies encounter many obstacles on their path to provide excellent services. First of all very few of them are working on identification of potential threats and dealing with them before it’s too late. They only address problems that get exploited by hackers. They forgo the search for security risks and choose to search for holes that hackers used. This is almost same except the fact that hackers succeed in damaging various parties in the case of searching for used holes.

The future looks grim

If we are to speculate on the state of security in the future, then we have to conclude that it won’t be pleasant. Security companies aren’t capable of coping with the hackers and the speed at which they are finding new ways to circumvent protection. If the trend continues then no business will be safe in the following couple of years.

The Security Problems Large EnterpriseThe Cloud tech is offering some alternatives to the conventional protection of files. This, however, isn’t enough. Not everything can be stored on Cloud, and that presents a security risk. Whether the Cloud protection can be evolved to a state where it can protect everything is still unknown.

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