Billions of dollars are lost due to holes in the internet security, and that trend is increasing as the year’s pass. This is due to the increase in the online businesses as well as the transfer of all data to its virtual form. And it is becoming easier for scammers to relieve people of their money even though internet security is evolving fast. The major problems appear to be connected to people who aren’t willing to learn how to prevent scammers from obtaining their data.

Internet attacks move from causing chaos to stealing money

The majority of the cyber-attacks in the past had the goal to create chaos and nothing more. But the advancement of technology is making hackers reconsider their intentions. More and more homes are being connected to the network, and the lack of security makes it easy for hackers to do anything they want.

evolution-of-the-internetAn obvious example of this change is the increase in the ransomware crimes. This is a simple way for hackers to extort money from people. They hijack your data and lock it away from you after which they ask for money to unlock it. If you refuse, then all of your data is either destroyed or sold to a third-party. Security companies are having problems to deal with these cases. Their advice is to either pay or to refuse depending on the sensitivity of the data that is stolen.

Many prominent security agencies are expecting ransomware attacks to affect companies in the following year. If this happens then, many enterprises may experience enormous losses.

What needs to be done to prevent cyber-attacks?

A lengthy debate concludes that prevention of the internet attacks has to replace protection. Hackers will always find new ways to avoid security and nothing can be done about that. Security measures will prevent further attacks of the same type, but that will just force hackers to change the way they attack. The focus must shift from protection to prevention because that is the only way to stop cyber-attacks. If an attack can be prevented, then there is no need to invest in security.

Cloud security went from nothing to the best way to protect data in a couple of years, and it’s still evolving. The safest way to protect your data is to transfer it to the cloud. The only way for hackers to steal the info is during its transfer, but even that is becoming impossible due to increased security measures that cloud possesses.


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